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Refreshing and Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta

Big stains and long wear and tear are easy for our experienced cleaning teams to deal with. Get your carpets completely refreshed and renewed with the help of advanced equipment and professional cleaning solutions. Let them keep on successfully performing their work to comfort your feet and warm your house for years to come.

Whether you’ve just had a big party, you’re moving house, or just want to make sure your rugs are being properly maintained, our competent carpet cleaning service in Atlanta gives you access to the trained skills, know-how and tools you need for a complete rejuvenation of your favorite soft floor covers.

Advanced and Efficient Techniques to Clean Your Carpets

Our carpet cleaning service starts with one of the technicians carefully vacuuming your soft floorings to make sure all surface dust and debris are removed. Any light furniture is moved away from the carpeted areas to ensure a complete and thorough cleanup. If there are any stubborn stains, they are pre-treated with specialized eco-friendly solutions.

The primary procedure for professional carpet cleaning uses specialized hot water extraction or dry enzyme powder and detergents that are carefully chosen for your carpet’s fabric type:

  • Steam carpet cleaning: Also known as a hot water extraction technique. It’s used mainly for natural fibers. The process is as follows – a water solution of special detergent is inserted deep inside the textile and then extracted along with dirt and almost all moisture. A couple of hours might be necessary for the carpet to completely dry, but you can speed up the process by opening a window or a door.
  • Dry carpet cleaning: Most efficient for man-made fabrics. Our cleaners spray eco-friendly dry enzyme powder over the carpet and work it deep into the material with fine brushes. In the end, using a powerful vacuum cleaner, this dry powder is extracted along with all dirt, dust and buildup grime. And because no water is used, the overall process doesn’t require drying.

"I called them yesterday, they answered immediately and were really helpful in setting up my appointment for today, being very flexible around my busy schedule. The cleaner showed up today right on time, after calling me first to make sure the time is still OK. He was really nice and professional, and even helped me move light furniture from the room I needed cleaned. One hour later there was no sign of the old, dirty and stained carpet. Really efficient. Thanks again!"

Edwina McCrea
Edwina McCrea
Marietta GA

"This really is as good as it gets! I had some family coming to visit from out of town and really wanted to make sure the place looked great. As much as I tried to clean, I wasn't able to achieve the level of cleanliness I desired. Then I hired Cleaning Services Atlanta. Two women came and got everything clean. Every room was spotless, especially the carpets. I'll definitely give them a call again."

Helen Burdette
Decatur GA

"With three kids and both of us working long hours, finding someone who we can count on to take on chores around the house has been an absolute life-changer. Would recommend this service to anyone who craves a tidy home, spotless carpets and fresh couches every single day ;-)"

Carpet Cleaning in Smyrna, GA
Rose Jefferson
Smyrna GA

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