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Move Out Cleaning Atlanta

Getting your security deposit back in full from your landlord is going to be one of the main concerns when moving out of the rented property. Schedule our move out cleaning in Atlanta, impress your landlord or real estate agency and get your money back. We know how important your peace of mind will be to you during this stressful time.
Our local cleaning company also offers great benefits if you are a real estate agent or a landlord. Trust us and never worry again about the state of the rented property at the end of the lease contract. Make your life easier when you want to release or even sell the property.

Move Out Cleaning Atlanta Package for Your Needs

Our skilled cleaners in Atlanta will follow a strict checklist that is designed to cover all areas within your property and make sure nothing is missed:

  • All Room: Wash all windows inside and out, plus PVC frames, sills and baseboards. Wash inside and outside of front and back doors. Mop all vinyl, tile and wood floors. Vacuum all carpets. Remove trash.
  • Kitchen: Clean inside and out of the dishwasher. Scrub kitchen floor, including under any moveable appliances. Wash cupboards inside and out, wipe out drawers. Clean and polish sink, countertops. Shine faucets.
  • Fridge: Wash inside of the refrigerator. Clean vegetable drawers. Wash and dry outside of the fridge. Defrost freezer and clean.
  • Stove: Remove racks and broiler pan to clean. Clean inside of the oven, top of the stove, under elements, pan drawer, hood. Remove lower drawers and clean under the stove. Wash and dry the outside.
  • Bathrooms: Clean bathtub, tile around the tub, sink, door and fixtures. Clean inside and out of the toilet. Polish mirror and other glass surfaces. Wash down tile. Scrub the floor.

"At the beginning I was skeptical about hiring move out cleaners, but knew I couldn't do it on my own. You team did a great job, showed up on time and was fairly thorough. The tub was discolored and they made it white again. The grease on the stove did not seem removable, but they got it all off. I could even see the aluminium color of the sink again, which has been discolored too. And most of all, I really appreciate the friendly demeanor and green products used."

Move Out Cleaning in Sandy Springs, GA
Laura Riley
Sandy Springs GA

"We just moved into a newly constructed house with a layer of dust on everything. I called around different cleaning companies and got three quotes, as the one from Cleaning Service Atlanta was the most reasonable. They've sent two house cleaners, who were very sweet, detail oriented, easy to communicate with, and spent their time doing a very good job. After they left, my floors sparkled, and everything around the house was well organized. I think of using their services again on a long-term basis and would recommend them to anyone looking for a housekeeping service."

Move Out Cleaning in Brookhaven, GA
Diana Dittmer
Brookhaven GA

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